NOW review + official release info

February 12th, 2010 by

Hey gang,

NOW recently reviewed our upcoming EP promo disc for our upcoming EP. Although there will be three additional songs on the final release, we are still eternally grateful for the kind words… Click here to check it out.

Speaking of the EP, the official track listing and release info has been set:


1. Destroyer
2. Bastard Engine
3. How the West Was Lost
4. Benny
5. ’Changing Thoughts
6. Too Much Eye Makeup

Release date: May 11th, 2010
The EP will be available through iTunes and other digital retailers and select record stores.

We’re playing Friday, Feb. 12th at Rancho Relaxo with Hut and Yellow Wood if yer in town and looking for something to do…

Carry on,

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EP is done…

February 4th, 2010 by

What initially began in July of 2009 finally came to an end on the weekend of January 24th. The record is done. Three additional songs were recorded over two days to round out the (almost) final track listing of our self-titled EP:

Bastard Engine
How the West Was Lost
’Changing Thoughts
Too Much Eye Makeup

Release details will be announced shortly, but it’s looking like it’ll be ready for early March.

In other news…

Let it be known that a band enters the recording studio with certain goals. Typically they involve finishing recording, eating some delectable “cod pockets” from one of the many Portuguese bakeries in Toronto’s Dufferin/Dupont neighbourhood, and leaving with a rough mix of your finished songs. Unknowingly overhearing Ms. Nelly Furtado blowing her nose in the studio bathroom is not one of them. But we did. And we sampled the fuck out of it on the new record.

We can all check that milestone off of our things-to-do-before-we-die lists.

(She apparently was working on some new material that weekend, too. What we heard through the studio door was very, very dance floor friendly. Timbaland may or may not be involved.)

She’s a Maneater

Carry on,

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