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May 30th, 2011 by

There’s a great blog based out of Bahstahn called I Heart Noise that’s going to be putting out a few mammoth compilations over the next few months. We happened to land on one called Theory of Everything, and even though it’s not going to be officially released until October, you can download a four-song sampler here. So far we’re holding down the fort as the only Canucks with our song, “Benny.”

We recommend checking out all of the I Heart Noise comps, which you can download here, herehere and here.

There’s some good shit brewing in Beantown. But hasn’t that always been the case?

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Toronto and Brampton shows

May 25th, 2011 by

We have a couple of shows in the works for next week. Details are below:

The Indie Machine is back with another showcase folks. Join us on Thursday, June 2nd at Rancho Relaxo for an evening of incredible music. We’re playing with The Best Friends With Wolves Club, Paradise Animals and Oh, Darling! Solid lineup. Doors open at 9pm and it’s only $5 to get in!

We’re on 11:25pm.

Here’s what The Indie Machine has to say about the bands we’ll be sharing the stage with:

“What can we say about TBFWWC? The iM’s May 2011 artist of the month doesn’t disappoint when it comes to live performances; this rockin bunch stopped by the show a few weeks back for the iM Sessions and destroyed our gear (and quite possibly the studio) in the process, so you can expect a rowdy show for sure.”

“Toronto-based indie-electro quartet Paradise Animals is set to drop their self-titled 7″ on June 1st – and you can catch them live one day later RIGHT HERE! This stuff has been in heavy rotation here at The iM for a while, so it’s about time we got some live music action on the go as well!”

“Fresh off the release of their debut EP – October – Toronto’s Oh, Darling! are setting off on a pop rock adventure of epicness! Recent iM Sessions alum, Oh, Darling! are ready to play some of those poppy grooves just for you.”

There’s a Facebook event page here. Spread the love, people.


We’ll also be playing our first show in Brampton on Saturday, June 4th at the Goodtimes Cafe (Kennedy & Glidden). $8 will get you in, $3.75 beers will get you hammed. We’re on at 10:20pm. The lineup with set times  is below:

Megan Young 8:00-8:35
Hormoans 8:50-9:20
Sleep for the Nightlife 9:35-10:05
Ero Guro 11:10-12:00


Carry on,

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Indie Machine Mixtape

May 10th, 2011 by

We were recently invited to curate the latest Weekend Sequence mixtape for The Indie Machine. We decided to celebrate some of the Canadian bands that made an impact on us in some way, shape or form. It’s a bit of a mixed bag, but chock-full of gems. If you were 15-18 years old in the mid-nineties — as we were — you’ll probably relate to 90% of the mix. If you were 15-18 years old in the mid-to-late-nineties, lived in the Niagara region, and frequented The Hideaway or The Mind Bomb, you’ll probably relate to 100% of the mix. Click on the cover below to stream it:

Track listing:

1. A Northern Chorus – “The Shepherd & The Chauffeur”
2. Binge – “Pure Wicked”
3. Cursed – “Model Home Invasion”
4. Grasshopper – “Breastfed”
5. The Hardship Post – “Watching You”
6. The Northern Pikes – “Things I Do For Money”
7. Pure – “Anna Is A Speed Freak”
8. Royal City – “In Havana The Stars”
9. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet – “Honey, You’re Wasting Ammo”
10. Transistor Sound & Lighting Co. – “Prince Vince”

Our friends in Epigram also recently put together a solid 7-day Mixtape. You can stream that here.

To continue on an Indie Machine-related note, we’ll be playing one of their showcases on June 2nd at Rancho Relaxo in Toronto.  Click here for details.

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